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Peace, Love, Compassion, Tolerance

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There’s nothing to fear but fear itself,
don’t think and put it back on the shelf,
Or just open the door and throw it out,
for its something you can do without.

It’s time for you to follow your destiny,
for you have talent and you are free.
Do follow all of your heart’s desire,
I do know you’re a hard working trier.

Very quickly you’ll have all you need,
for you are not at all motivated by greed.
The way to the top may be full of turns,
just think ahead to those lovely returns.

Suddenly you’ll find you’ve reached to the top,
take several deep breaths, enjoy your stop.
Tell me did you dream that you’d get there?
or did you ask for your answers in prayer?

It doesn’t really matter at all my friend,
for you have made it around the bend.
Right up to the peak and down to earth,
furthermore it helped to reduce your girth.

So where to go now, well it’s all up to you
for you have proved just what you can do.
When you throw your fear straight out the door,
and let the sunshine into your life once more!  

© 31032014 - Caroline Heather