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Time to Move Along!

Life is more precious than diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold,
so remember as you enjoy your life before you’re too darned old.
For life passes by faster than a bullet, so you really need to think,
for if you don’t start living soon my dear, it’ll all be gone in a blink.

It’s time also to stop grieving about your sister; it’s been a year or more,
so is it any wonder that you’ve been feeling so very sad, sorry and sore.
It’s time to let her go now, for you know she is truly happy and at peace,
so do get a grip on your emotions; for if not your life will surely cease.

There is a whole new life awaiting for you in which you should participate,
so do take the first step towards that goal; do not dream to underestimate.
For you know that once you step along that pathway that change will come,
and don’t underestimate the power of prayer; life will no longer be hum drum!

I know that you can do it; I’ve already begun to witness some real change,
as you progress along that pathway, heaven knows what you will arrange.
You have all the tools ‘n help that you may need right here at your fingertips,
so do get cracking now my dear, I’d like to see a little smile upon your lips!

© Caroline Heather - 20072014