She overcame addiction and homelessness. Afterward, she graduated with honors

The woman was 12 years old, she has already been addicted to drugs and almost homeless. At some point, she managed to turn her life around and went to rhab. This was an absolutely amazing decision. I am suuuuper proud of her. Now, she has graduated with honors and feels happy.

Ginny Burton was brn into a dysfunctional family. Her father ended up in prison after committing multiple armed robberies, and her mother was a dealer and addict. It was her mother who introduced Ginny to drugs at the age of 6. It started with marijuana, but by the time she was 23, sh couldn’t live without heroin or methamphetamine. She also smoked crack.

At the age of 16, Ginny was raped. This was terrible! She had absolutely no one close (totally no one! I can not even imagine how she felt that day) to her who could provide support.

“When you’re stuck on the street and you stink of feces, haven’t taken a shower, and can’t get to social services during business hours because you’re too busy feeding your addiction, and your addiction is bigger than you… and you’ve violated your integrity many times… you feel hopeless,” she says.

To get drugs, she even has to rob drug dealers. The situation was very very very bad. She was in jail three times and had 17 convictions. OMG. Absolutely terrible…. I hope I will never be in this ki nd of situation. Please, god!

After her last stint in prison, she deecided to change her life. She made a great decision! She had to do it for the sake of her doughters. It’s more than clear, she had to love them very, very, very, very much.

“When you’re addicted as strongly as I was, you can’t stand your life. You’d rather be dead than alive. Most of my life was spent dreaming that someone would just kill me,” she says.

The woman began a long and extremely difficult battle for herself. Thanks to rehab, she managed to break her addiction. She became a scholarship recipient and graduatedd with honors in political science.

“Today, I have rid myself of the insecurity associated with my age, wrinkles on my face, genetics, failures, and impostor syndrome, to recognize that no matter what, if I’m still breathing, I can do anything. Graduating from the University of Washington’s Department of Political Science in Seattle at the age of 48 is a real achievement for a former addict,” she says.

Now, Ginny is a happy wife and mother of beautiful girls. She believes that everything happened for a reason. Do you agree with her?

“Today, I believe that every life experience was so that I could help someone else,” she emphasizes.