The Adventure Seeker: A Management Graduate Turns to Unconventional Tour Guiding in Scotland

Angus Luff, a recent management studies graduate, has quit his job to offer unconventional tours through Scotland’s mountains. He created a hostel on wheels, inviting tourists to join him on a full-fledged adventure on a school bus from New York. The 24-year-old was inspired by the film “Expedition Happiness” on Netflix, which tells the story of a couple traveling through North America in a renovated school bus.

Luff, who graduated in 2019, left his job as a management consultant in Leicester, England, to pursue his dream of creating a hostel on wheels. He only worked in his field for three months before deciding that it was not for him. The bus, named “The Bonnie Camper,” has been converted into a mobile glamping home on wheels, with beds, seating areas, and a kitchen for a maximum of six people.

Luff acts as the tour guide, organizing off-road adventures through the Highlands, along the way organizing outdoor activities such as hikes, bike rides, kayaking trips, and lake swims. He is responsible for driving the vehicle, cooking, and cleaning, and then sets up a tent outside to provide guests with complete privacy inside the bus.

The 1999 vehicle was originally used to transport students to and from school in New York. Luff bought it in 2019 and then transported it to the UK. During the lockdown, he took the opportunity to refurbish the bus, disassembling and furnishing it with his father to ensure that it met British regulations. He then obtained a heavy-duty driver’s license and invited friends on a test run. In June 2021, he set off on his first paying journey.

Luff says, “These are already iconic buses. You rarely see them in real life. I think that’s why my idea is so popular.” A five-day tour costs £595 (about €713) per person and includes all activities and meals. “I’m the host for the entire week, and I organize whisky tastings, hikes, mountain biking, water sports, and stops at local bars,” says Luff. “I love seeing people’s reactions when they see the bus. People wave and honk when they see us. I feel like a star.