The Power of Walking Meditation: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Walking meditation, also known as Mindfulness, is a technique that can change your life. Studies have shown that people who practice this method have better well-being and feel healthier. The book “Mindfulness. Training of attention” by M. Williams and D. Penman states, “In each of us there are sources of peace and satisfaction – regardless of how trapped and shaken we feel internally.” The key is to find and release these sources from the cage that our chaotic way of life has put them in, not allowing even a moment of respite.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware of everything that surrounds us, both internally and externally. Instead of worrying about daily problems, the authors of the book suggest being present in the moment and walking in this state.

It’s not about taking a quick walk for health and returning home. The authors suggest that during walking meditation, one should focus on the work of their legs and feet. Step by step, observe the slow movements of the body. Be mindful of how your feet touch the ground one after the other.

It is important to take the walk in a place where few things can distract us. After some time of being aware of what is happening without enslaved thinking about what may happen in our lives, the mind begins to drift and thoughts start to flow. Instead of catching situations that come to us, we should immerse ourselves in our feelings.

We can use two techniques of walking meditation. One of them is the method of contemplation – then each inhale and exhale corresponds to one step and our attention is focused on one of the senses, for example, touch – we feel the ground we walk on, the sun on our skin, the wind on our face. The second technique is the method of observation – in this case we observe our thoughts, feelings, and emotions without getting involved in them.

Walking meditation is a simple yet powerful technique that can help us find peace and satisfaction in our daily lives. By being present in the moment and focusing on the work of our legs and feet, we allow our minds to relax and drift. It is a way to get rid of negative thoughts and feel good. So next time you take a walk, try to practice mindfulness and see how it can change your life.