The Snowstorm Hero: The Inspiring Story of Jay, who Broke into a School to Save Stranded People

The story of a man named Jay who broke into a school to save people from freezing during a snowstorm is one that should be heard by all. The Edge Academy in Cheektowaga, New York, was hit by a major snowstorm on Christmas Eve, causing the local police to be unable to respond quickly to the alarm that went off at the school. When they finally arrived, they found a broken window but nothing else suspicious. It wasn’t until they found a hand-written note that they realized what had occurred.

The note from Jay explained that he had broken the window and borrowed a snowblower to save people who were stranded in their cars without gas. He wrote, “I got stuck on Friday night at 8 and slept in my truck with two other strangers. We were trying to survive…there were 7 older people also stuck in the snow and out of gas. I had to do it to save all of us, to provide shelter and food and a bathroom.”

When the police reviewed the school’s surveillance footage, they were amazed by Jay’s selfless act of kindness. They wrote in a report on the Cheektowaga Police Department’s Facebook page, “We were witnessing people taking care of people.”

After his “break-in,” Jay went back outside and found more people who were stranded in their cars. In total, he brought 24 people and 2 dogs into the school. He found snacks and water in the nurse’s office, and apples, juice, and cereal in the kitchen. The children played in the gymnasium while the adults watched football games and updates on the storm on television.

Jay’s actions during this difficult time serves as a reminder of the kindness and compassion that can be found in even the most trying of circumstances. His bravery and willingness to help others in need is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to us all.