Heroic Husky Saves Newborn’s Life in Birmingham Park

A Husky dog found a newborn baby in one of the parks in Birmingham, England, thereby saving the child’s life. If it wasn’t for the dog, the story could have ended tragically. Terry Walsh was taking his dog for a walk in Kings Norton Park in Birmingham. At some point, the Husky named Hel went into the bushes and found a newborn wrapped in a gray blanket.

Terry heard the crying of the child and thinks that it was Hel’s gentle nudge and the warmth of his body that woke the baby up. He was amazed by his dog’s discovery and approached a woman who was nearby and called the police. The police arrived a few hours later and determined that the baby had been born just a few hours earlier. They quickly took the baby to the hospital where he received the necessary medical care and was given the name George, as he was found on the day before St. George’s Day.

Terry and his dog received thanks from the police and he said “God sent Hel to save this newborn boy” adding that if the baby had been found by a dog with a different temperament, the situation could have ended tragically.