Messages in a Bottle: Polish Teenage Girls’ Pact Discovered on Croatian Island

A family vacationing on the Croatian island of Pag made an unusual discovery while on a New Year’s Day walk. In the water, they found a bottle containing two letters written in Polish. The authors of the letters were two teenage girls from the Krakow area who had written the messages as a way to make a pact with one another.

The family, Barbara Lazar, found the bottle and decided to try and contact the authors of the letters. The first letter, written seven years ago, was from Marysia and Monika, who were visiting the island with their families. They loved the island so much that they made a pact to return, find the bottle, and write a second letter. They also promised to do things they hadn’t done before, such as trying the local seafood, going on rides at an amusement park, and sunbathing on the rocks. Additionally, the girls made a secret pact together which they didn’t want anyone to know about.

The second letter, written by Marysia, began with the words, “It’s me again, Monika unfortunately isn’t here with me.” Marysia was able to return to the island, find the bottle and write the second letter. She shared that she had graduated from school and gone to college, and had even performed in musicals. Monika, on the other hand, had gone to music school to study vocal performance. Marysia also jokingly wrote, “We haven’t changed much in terms of character (stupidity is still maintained at a high level). See you soon.”

It is unknown what ultimately happened to the two girls, but their messages in a bottle served as a reminder of the memories and promises made during their special trip to Pag. The story of the letters in the bottle captured the attention of the Croatian media and the public, who were touched by the girls’ friendship and the unique way they chose to document their special bond.